PressO was born that day for the women of this world who Care, whether it is their health or their families.

I am happy to be part of a family where food is taken very seriously and where taste and health is of utmost concern. Mine is joint family and am privileged to have the blessings of father-in -law and mother-in -law who ensures that the complete family is healthy and happy. And with that in mind they are open to any idea that will contribute to the family’s health and happiness.

Since i , the daughter-in -law of the house was more bent towards helping the men of the family in their business, my mother-in -law ensured that she will not only take care of the kitchen but also ensure that i am not denied of my favorites dishes at home. So when i read about the benefits of cold press oil in an article and suggested her to use cold press oil for everyday cooking , she readily agreed.

Since we are into copra business and the raw material was easily available, we got the oil made from our produce in the nearby Ghani. I think that time it was around 40liters we got and my mother -in law started using it. We could feel the difference in taste and it was liked by everyone. For the next few months we continued using it. However, after the oil was over, my mother-in -law switched back to the refined oil as she didn’t wanted to bother us with the trouble to get it made . However, despite the same hands were cooking everyday, i could feel the difference in taste immediately. The upma that I always relished did not taste the same. When i pointed out the same to her, she confessed that she has used the refined oil instead of the coldpressed as the oil got over.

I promised her to get a regular supply of the cold pressed oil . I realised that day that even though the cold press oil is preferred by many, it's not easily available and accessible.

PressO was born that day for the women of this world who Care, whether it is their health or their families.

The company is one of its kind where the complete workforce consists of women, Right from its founders to its delivery personnel. This is because when it comes to the health, happiness and quality of life, women knows the best.

The vision of PressO is to reach out he 30% of the world population with the best quality of cold press Oil, which is highly nutritious, awesome in taste and make the world much more healthier and happier.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is Quality Care !!!, We ensure quality product to its customer , quality service to its suppliers and quality life to its women workforce and. We Care!!! We care about their health, their growth, and their happiness.

Our Vision

The vision of our company is to make 30% of the world population healthier by providing them the best quality cold press Oil.

Values of PressO

For being in the Agri Industry for last 20 years with all your support and affection, For every drop we supply, We are committed to the women of this country who has a dream for herself, her family, and her country.






Environment friendly


Socially Aware