Do you want to delight your family members with healthy and tasty food? Our Range of Cold Press Oil can help!

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For being in the Agri Industry for last 20 years with all your support and affection,

For every drop we supply, we are committed

We are committed to the women of this country who has a dream for herself, her family, and her country.

The dream is to make every family of this world healthier and happier.

Every drop that reaches you is full of freshness, taste and nourishment.

The raw material is responsibly handpicked from the best suppliers across India

The oil is extracted naturally so that the natural taste and nutrition is intact for you to consume.

Every drop is made, packed and delivered by women who care and understands the value of taste and nutrition.

Every drop gifts you a memory of good taste introduced by your grandmother.

This is not oil, this is your experience of freshness and taste full of nutrition naturally brought to you by PressO.

Why Presso?

PressO was born that day for the women of this world who Care, whether it is their health or their families.

  • We help Homemakers, nutritionist, dietician, chefs, Retailers With a top quality cold press oil at a fair price to offer their Customers and families.
  • The kinds of customers who love our product are the ones Who do not appreciate cutting corners where healthy and Tasty food is concerned. Our product is all about the natural way of extracting oil that will help not only retain its taste but also its nutrition.
  • Unlike, the most companies that promote refined and Processed oil that is chemically treated, we offer a product that is not only naturally extracted but is also very healthy and tasty.
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Usually my mom says, if something get cooked in groundnut oil, it will taste so good. Basically I am ground nut lover, we use peanut butter, peanut powder in many of our dishes but I never had the flavor of groundnut but Presso oil perfectly smelled like groundnut, I prepared Sevai out of it..! Awesome !



Presso groundnut oil we got from you reminds me of my childhood days, when we used to use this oil. Happy to use the healthy version now! Recommend presso cold pressed oils to one and all!

Priyadarshini Sundarkumar

Managing Director - PD Designs

All three presso oils that we got from you are amazing. My mom and dad love it too. Presso is great product !!! Wishing you all the success in the world !

Roopa Ambekar

Managing Director - UBER

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